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!earshot charts - May 2004 - top 20 Top 10 Loud

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations during the month of May 2004. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts archive.

Rank Artist Title Label
1 Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn Metal Blade
2 Billy And The Lost Boys * Breaking Down The Barriers Independent
3 Red Eyed Legends The High I Feel When I'm Low GSL
4 The End * Within Dividia Relapse
5 Dead Kennedys Live At The Deaf Club Manifesto
6 Trapdoor Fucking Exit Be Not Content No Idea
7 Exodus Tempo Of The Damned Nuclear Blast
8 My Dying Bride Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light Peaceville
9 Various * Zombie Night In Canada Stumble
10 Lion Fever Lustre Dim Mak
11 Kataklysm Serenity In Fire Nuclear Blast
12 Deicide Scars Of The Crucifix Earache
13 Zeke Til the Livin' End Relapse
14 Get Fucked Get Fucked Level Plane
15 The Wolfnote Si! Si! Si! Farway
16 Various Contaminated VI Relapse
17 Into Eternity * Buried In Oblivion Century Media
18 The Divine Right Of Means The Means Doubleplusgood
19 Out Of Your Mouth * Draghdad Vik
20 Damageplan New Found Power Elektra



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