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The National Electronic Top 20 of 2018

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1  StegoSarahs StegoSarahs Can Con
Simple Subtraction - (Self-Released)) Band Website @StegoSarahs

When sunlight flicks at a prism, you hold your breath and will it to last. Calgary-based Sarah Rowe offers just such a gift with the downtempo subtlety that is StegoSarahs.
Simple Subtraction is simply tenacious. Inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, it is just enough of everything. With every track, Rowe establishes her goal — “to make things simpler” — and moves convincingly toward it, creating a home-like inner space where questions are formed, asked and answered.
— Adrienne Mercer Breen

2  Nightmares On Wax Nightmares On Wax
Shape The Future - (Warp)) Band Website @NightmaresOnWax

3  Iskw� Iskw� Can Con
The Fight Within - (Self-Released)) Band Website @isKwe

4 Helena Hauff Helena Hauff
Qualm - (Ninja Tune)) Band Website

Plurality Trip - (Constellation))

6  Hax Meadroom Hax Meadroom Can Con
Astral Projection - (Self-Released)) Band Website @Hax_Meadroom

7  Aphex Twin Aphex Twin
Collapse EP - (Warp)) Band Website @AphexTwin

8  Ouri Ouri Can Con
We Share Our Blood - (Make It Rain)) Band Website

9 Marie Davidson Marie Davidson
Working Class Woman - (Ninja Tune)) Band Website @mariedavidsn

10 Bruce Haack Bruce Haack Can Con
Preservation Tapes - (Telephone Explosion)) Band Website @BruceHaack

11  Keys N Krates Keys N Krates Can Con
Cura - (Dim Mak)) Band Website @keysnkrates

12  Makeness Makeness
Loud Patterns - (Secretly Canadian)) Band Website @makeness

13  Rhye Rhye Can Con
Blood - (Last Gang)) Band Website @Rhyemusic

14  Kutch Kutch Can Con
Notionside - (Self-Released)) Band Website

15  Fever Ray Fever Ray
Plunge - (Mute)) Band Website @feverray

16  Freak Heat Waves Freak Heat Waves Can Con
Beyond XXXL - (Telephone Explosion)) Band Website @freakheatwaves

17  L CON L CON Can Con
Insecurities in Being - (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound)) Band Website @lconofficial

18 Leon Vynehall Leon Vynehall
Nothing Is Still - (Ninja Tune)) Band Website @vynehall

19 Jon Hopkins Jon Hopkins
Singularity - (Domino)) Band Website @Jon_Hopkins_

20 Jonathan Kawchuk Jonathan Kawchuk Can Con
North - (Paper Bag)) Band Website @jonathankawchuk

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