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The National Folk/Roots/Blues Top 20 of 2018

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1 Sue Foley Sue Foley Can Con
The Ice Queen - (Stony Plain)) Band Website @SueFoleyMusic

The Ice Queen is Ottawa-born singer-songwriter Sue Foley’s first solo album since 2006. Recorded in Texas, where she now lives, it features ten of Foley’s original songs and two covers (George BrooksSend Me To The ‘Lectric Chair and the Carter Family’s Cannonball Blues). Foley is supported by a star-studded cast: Chris Maresh, Johnny Bradley, and Billy Horton (bass guitar), JJ Johnson, George Rains, and Chris Layton (drums), Kyle Thompson (hand percussion), Mike Flanigin (organ), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Elias Haslanger (sax), Mark Kazanoff (tenor horn), John Mills (baritone horn), Jimmy Shortell (trumpet), Randy Zimmerman (trombone), as well as a phalanx of Texas blues guitarists: Jimmie Vaughan (older brother to Stevie Ray Vaughan), Z.Z.Top’s Billy F Gibbons, and guitarist, singer, and songwriter Charlie Sexton.
--Catherine Fisher

2 Raine Hamilton Raine Hamilton Can Con
Night Sky - (Self-Released)) Band Website @rainesongs

3  Bird City Bird City Can Con
Winnowing - (Label Fantastic/Coax)) Band Website

4 The Good Lovelies The Good Lovelies Can Con
Shapeshifters - (Self-Released)) Band Website @goodlovelies

5 Buffy Sainte-Marie Buffy Sainte-Marie Can Con
Medicine Songs - (True North)) Band Website @BuffySteMarie

6 Kat Danser Kat Danser Can Con
Goin' Gone - (Black Hen)) Band Website @katdanser

7 Mariel Buckley Mariel Buckley Can Con
Driving in the Dark - (Self-Released)) Band Website @mariel_buckley

8  Mayhemingways Mayhemingways Can Con
Skip Land - (Self-Released)) Band Website @MAYHEMINGWAYS

9 Pharis & Jason Romero Pharis & Jason Romero Can Con
Sweet Old Religion - (Lula)) Band Website @PharisJason

10 Lindi Ortega Lindi Ortega Can Con
Liberty - (Shadowbox)) Band Website @lindiortega

11 Innes Wilson Innes Wilson Can Con
Northumberland Slums - (Out Of Sound)) Band Website @theInnesWilson

12  Great Lake Swimmers Great Lake Swimmers Can Con
The Waves, The Wake - (Nettwerk Music Group)) Band Website @greatlakeswim

Weeks at no.1: Sep 25, 2018 | Sep 18, 2018 | Sep 11, 2018 |

13 Madeleine Roger Madeleine Roger Can Con
Cottonwood - (Self-Released)) Band Website @maddyrogermusic

14  Cowboy Junkies Cowboy Junkies Can Con
All That Reckoning - (Latent)) Band Website @CJmusic

15 Jennifer Castle Jennifer Castle Can Con
Angels of Death - (Idee Fixe)) Band Website @JNFRCASTLE

Weeks at no.1: Jun 5, 2018 |

16 The Sturgeons The Sturgeons Can Con
Black and White - (Self-Released)) Band Website @The_Sturgeons

17 Kaia Kater Kaia Kater Can Con
Grenades - (Acronym)) Band Website @kaiakater

18 Jim Bryson Jim Bryson Can Con
Tired of Waiting - (Coax)) Band Website @jimbryson

19 Jesse Matas Jesse Matas Can Con
Tamarock - (Self-Released)) Band Website @jessematasmusic

20 Joe Vickers Joe Vickers Can Con
Notes For The Word Burning Stove - (Gunner Records)) Band Website

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