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The National International Top 20 of 2018

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The National Hip Hop Top 20 of 2018

1  Cadence Weapon Cadence Weapon Can Con
Cadence Weapon - (eOne Music (E1))) Band Website @CadenceWeapon

It has been a while. With his first studio album in 6 years Cadence Weapon, aka Edmonton’s Rollie Pemberton, remains one of the most crucial voices in Canadian Hip Hop. Pemberton hasn’t been idle during the long gap. He spent a year as Edmonton’s Poet Laureate and participated on a bunch of collaborations including the National Parks Project. The new album reflects the influence of his years spent in Montreal before a more recent relocation to Toronto and includes collaborations with artists he met their like Kaytranada. The self-titled Cadence Weapon isn’t only a return to form, it is an artist step forward from an artist who continues to grow, not only in his own right butas a collaborator and abiding influence on Canadian Hip Hop.
--Magnus Thyvold

2  Elaquent Elaquent Can Con
Celebrate Life! - (Urbnet)) Band Website @Elaquent

3  Grand Analog Grand Analog Can Con
Survival EP - (Grand Analog Music)) Band Website @GrandAnalog

4  ChanHays ChanHays Can Con
The Creepy EP - (Droppin' Science)) Band Website @TheChanHays

5  Fraction & Finsta Fraction & Finsta Can Con
Thoughtwork - (Self-Released)) Band Website @bigfrac @finstabundy

6 The Lytics The Lytics Can Con
Float On - (LHM Records)) Band Website @TheLytics

7  Young RJ Young RJ
Detroit Project - (Self-Released)) Band Website @YoungRJ313

8  Shad Shad Can Con
A Short Story About A War - (Secret City)) Band Website @shadkmusic

Weeks at no.1: Jan 8, 2019 | Dec 18, 2018 | Nov 27, 2018 |

H.E.R. - (Urbnet)) Band Website @OBUXUM

10  Black Milk Black Milk
FEVER - (Mass Appeal)) Band Website @black_milk

11  Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagon
Moosebumps - (Bulk))

12  More Or Les More Or Les Can Con
Nerd Love - (HandSolo)) Band Website @brunchorles

13  Artson Artson
Brave Star - (Self-Released)) Band Website @iamartson

14  Dabrye Dabrye
Three/Three - (Ghostly International)) Band Website @dabrye

15  Brownout Brownout
Fear Of A Brown Planet - (Fat Beats)) Band Website @brownoutband

16  Saukrates Saukrates Can Con
Season 2 - (Culvert))

17  Chance The Rapper Chance The Rapper
Four New Songs - (Self-Released)) Band Website @chancetherapper

18  Factor Chandelier Factor Chandelier Can Con
Wisdom Teeth - (Fake Four Inc.)) Band Website @FactorMusic

19  Evidence Evidence
Weather Or Not - (Rhymesayers)) Band Website @Evidence

20  ChanHays ChanHays Can Con
Here - (Droppin' Science)) Band Website @TheChanHays

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