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The National International Top 20 of 2018

top 200 > electronic | hip hop | international | jazz | loud | folk/roots/blues | main charts page

1 Kiran Ahluwalia Kiran Ahluwalia Can Con
7 Billion - (Six Degrees)) Band Website @KiranAhluwalia

Two-time Juno winner, Kiran Ahluwalia says she created her seventh album, 7 Billion, as a direct musical response to the loss of ‘brotherhood’ in mankind. She says: “It is a theme close to my personal experience. My story is that of an immigrant born in India and raised in Canada. As an immigrant child, the hardships we faced were touted as temporary – the effects were permanent. On the one hand, I developed a wonderful double culture – two sets of wardrobe and multiple languages to think in. On the other, I developed conflicting etiquettes and ways of doing things that were neither ‘fully’ Indian nor ‘fully’ Canadian. The earth now holds seven billion people; for me, this means there are seven billion unique ways of interpreting things. Yet wherever we live, the majority’s way of doing things becomes the norm; and whatever is different and foreign can be easily mistrusted.” 7 Billion features Rez Abbasi (guitars), Louis Simao (Hammond B3 organ, accordion, synthesizers), Rich Brown (electric bass), Davide Direnzo (drum kit), Nitin Mitta (tabla), Mark Duggan (djembe, hand percussion).
-- Catherine Fisher

2  Bellegarde Bellegarde Can Con
Anba Tonel - (Self-Released)) Band Website

3  Beautiful Nubia And The Roots Renaissance Band Beautiful Nubia And The Roots Renaissance Band Can Con
Amunudun - (Eniobanke)) Band Website @Beautiful_Nubia

4  Chancha Via Circuito Chancha Via Circuito
Bienaventuranza - (Wonderwheel)) Band Website @ChanchaVia

5  Orquesta Akokan Orquesta Akokan
Orquesta Akokan - (Daptone)) Band Website @OrquestaAkokan

6  Boogat Boogat Can Con
San Cristobal Baille Inn - (Maisonnette)) Band Website @boogat_oficial

7  Jupiter & Okwess Jupiter & Okwess
Kin Sonic - (Everloving)) Band Website @Jupiterokwess

8  Jerusalem In My Heart Jerusalem In My Heart Can Con
Daqa'iq Tudaiq - (Constellation)) Band Website

9 Catrin Finch And Seckou Keita Catrin Finch And Seckou Keita
Soar - (bendigedig)) Band Website @CatrinSeckou

10  Dubmatix Dubmatix Can Con
King Size Dub Special - (Echo Beach)) Band Website @dubmatix

11 Angelique Kidjo Angelique Kidjo
Remain In Light - (Kravenworks)) Band Website @angeliquekidjo

12 Brenda Navarrete Brenda Navarrete
Mi Mundo - (Alma)) Band Website @HabanAche

13  Nickodemus Nickodemus
The Long Engagement - (Wonderwheel)) Band Website @NickodemusNYC

14  Beautiful Nubia And The Roots Renaissance Band Beautiful Nubia And The Roots Renaissance Band Can Con
Atunluto - (EniObanke)) Band Website @Beautiful_Nubia

15  Protoje Protoje
A Matter Of Time - (Easy Star)) Band Website @Protoje

16  Bombino Bombino
Deran - (Partisan)) Band Website @bombinoofficial

17  Gurrumul Gurrumul
Djarimirri - (Skinnyfish))

18 Melissa Laveaux Melissa Laveaux Can Con
Radyo Siwel - (No Format! Records)) Band Website @melissalaveaux

19  Toronto Tabla Ensemble Toronto Tabla Ensemble Can Con
Bhumika - (Self-Released)) Band Website @TablaEnsemble

20  Imarhan Imarhan
Temet - (City Slang)) Band Website @Imarhanband

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