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The National Top 200 of 2018

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1  U.S. Girls U.S. Girls Can Con
In A Poem Unlimited - (Royal Mountain)) Band Website @YouSGirls

Meg Remy's sixth studio album as U.S. Girls is a stunning, disco-infused pop record with teeth.  In A Poem Unlimited boasts a multitude of equally brilliant collaborating artists, such as members of the Toronto collective The Cosmic Range, and Jennifer Castle, Basia Bulat, and Michael Rault to name a few.  With so much talent on one record, it's easy to understand why it dominated the National Top 50 Chart for nine weeks in 2018. Yet the subjects that Remy confronts in her songwriting are anything but easy. The danceable pop music on In A Poem Unlimited acts like a clever backdrop as she examines domestic and gender-based violence, and how power is wielded or abused in our society.  The album is unapologetically political and necessarily so, but with irresistible grooves that sweeten an otherwise bitter pill to swallow.

| -- Alexandra Rimmington

Weeks at no.1: May 15, 2018 | May 8, 2018 | May 1, 2018 | Apr 24, 2018 | Apr 10, 2018 | Apr 3, 2018 | Mar 27, 2018 | Mar 20, 2018 | Mar 13, 2018 |

2  Nap Eyes Nap Eyes Can Con
I'm Bad Now - (You've Changed)) Band Website @NapEyes

Nap Eyes spent a lot of time at #2 spot on the !earshot Top 50. Just look above and you’ll see that their lone week at #1 came in the middle of a long string of #1’s for U.S. Girls. Maybe that is just a bit of unfortunate luck. Because Nap Eyes third release is a great album. While still drawing heavily on the legacy of Velvet Underground, it sees the band bring in a more uptempo style and more varied sound. The songwriting is often intimate and even introspective with lead singer and songwriter Nigel Chapman addressing themes of relationships, the inner emotional life and navigating religion.
-- -- Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Apr 17, 2018 |

3  Ought Ought Can Con
Room Inside the World - (Royal Mountain)) Band Website @internetought

The third record from Montreal’s art-punks Ought came after a long, but busy two and a half year gap since 2015’s More Than Any Other Day. It also saw the band taking a more planned and thoughtful approach to recording.  With time came the opportunity to demo songs thoroughly and really think about the sounds.    The result is the inclusion of a lot of decidedly non-punk elements such as a 70-piece choir, drum machines and synthesizers, a broader range of stylistic influences and a growing confidence. Room inside the World is very much a studio album. What carries over from previous records is the politics of the songs. The state of the world and how that impacts so many people remains a theme for the band. With all that thoughtfulness, on Room Inside the World, Ought haven’t given up their edge or their excitement.

-- By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Mar 6, 2018 |

4  Suuns Suuns Can Con
Felt - (Secret City)) Band Website @suunsband

Montreal-based Suuns fourth album Felt continues the band’s merging of the cerebral and experimental with the solid rhythmic drive.  It can make their music seem difficult and strange even as your butt starts shaking along. Grammy-award winning producer John Congleton who has worked with St. Vincent among others, is back again on Felt after bringing such grounded strength to 2016’s Hold/Still.  The result is a looser, less earnest affair than previous releases that often finds a solid groove to underpin their experimental guitar and synth riffs. It is a key strength and appeal of the band. Scratchy spiky, odd ball, lead lines never alienate when so effectively married to a solid rock n’ roll bottom-end.
| By Magnus Thyvolde

5  Dumb Dumb Can Con
Seeing Green - (Mint)) Band Website @dumb_41

An ancient DVD on the shelf in our house is rated G with a helpful warning — “nonstop frenetic animated action.”  Dumb’s energetic post-punk fits this description and then some. Based in Vancouver and now signed to Mint Records, Dumb speaks truth to power while remaining highly danceable. From mid-90s moments to languid late ‘70s daydreams, there’s plenty to like on their latest, Seeing Green (recorded and mixed by the talented Jordan Koop at The Noise Floor). Hoping for more in 2019.
— Adrienne Mercer Breen

Weeks at no.1: Aug 21, 2018 | Aug 14, 2018 | Aug 7, 2018 | Jul 31, 2018 |

6 Jennifer Castle Jennifer Castle Can Con
Angels of Death - (Idee Fixe)) Band Website @JNFRCASTLE

Country-tinged folk artist Jennifer Castle recorded her 5th album Angels of Death in a converted 150 year old church on the shores of Lake Erie. The vestiges of earthly and celestial whispers inspired Castle to coax death out of the periphery and into focus.
With a poets heart Jennifer Castle observes the ebb and flow of loss, grief, and confusion that wreaks itself upon the living when death comes stealing. The songs don’t try and bargain with the finality of it all - they torchlight a way through the emotions.  For Jennifer the torch is writing, as a line in “Grim Reaper” reveals -  “And, there, the majesty of turning flesh into storyline”, or shadowing her muses in “Rose Waterfalls”. 
Though a weighty subject, Angels of Death is not an overly dark and sombre album.  Jennifer, with her tremulous voice is gentle. Each song is given the right amount of texture with the core band and further filled out in studio with additional instrumentation and vocals.
-- Shelley Gummeson

Weeks at no.1: Jun 5, 2018 |

7 Charlotte Day Wilson Charlotte Day Wilson Can Con
Stone Woman - (Self-Released))

Soul stirring, Toronto artist Charlotte Day Wilson continues to surf the crest of her creativity in the studio, while plumbing the craggy depths of relationships in her six track EP Stone Woman.
The songs lay bare an emotional tangle that includes self-recrimination and self-doubt found in the track “Doubt” or “Let You Down”. Those songs are juxtaposed against the image of guarded poise and power in the title track “Stone Woman”.
Equally lush layers of instrumentation further underpin Wilson’s lushly soulful voice. Her ability to hear, use and layer sound helps propel the songs beyond the status quo.  It’s evident Charlotte Day Wilson is both charged and comfortable in a collaborative setting, but it is equally clear she is a woman who is in control of her own narrative.
-- Shelley Gummeson | By Sean Warkentine

8  Frigs Frigs Can Con
Basic Behaviour - (Arts & Crafts)) Band Website @FRIGSband

Basic Behavior  is a strong debut from the Frigs landing them on the 2018 Polaris Prize long list and now in the !earshot Top 10 of 2018.They have been around awhile with two previous EP releases. This full-lengther  represents a hard-earned maturity and diversity for the band. The album was recorded in fits and starts over 16 months both without and then with a producer.  The result is a broader sonic palette that makes room for both the hard edged punk stuff and more melodic tracks. With such a strong start, it will be exciting to see what the next chapter in the Frigs story will bring.
| -- Magnus Thyvold

9  Dilly Dally Dilly Dally Can Con
Heaven - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @DillyDallyTO

Toronto’s quartet of alternative rockers, Dilly Dally laid low and got healthy after being blown apart by ravages of the music business and personal demons.  Then they got loud with their sophomore album Heaven.
Dilly Dally has regrouped and is ready to make music right where they stand today.  Front woman Katie Monks has added new textures with a white flying V guitar while her highly textural voice gently draws you in then slams you right in the face. You still get the fuzz and sear of Liz Ball’s lead guitar and the punch and pummel from drummer Benjamin Reinhartz and bassist Jimmy Tony. All those pieces are in place but it’s more purposeful.
There is nothing soft about Heaven despite the positive mantras that pop up in songs like “Doom” and “Believe”.  The band has a broader sense of themselves as evidenced in the song “Sober Motel” which addresses addiction. The opening track  “I Feel Free” is a telling reintroduction and the accompanying video is a graphic recreation of the song.
Like a Phoenix in Greek mythology Dilly Dally went up in flames only to rise from the ashes to begin anew.
| -- Shelley Gummeson

Weeks at no.1: Dec 11, 2018 | Oct 30, 2018 | Oct 9, 2018 | Oct 2, 2018 |

10 Michael Rault Michael Rault Can Con
It's A New Day Tonight - (Sleepless)) Band Website @MichaelRault

It's a New Day Tonight - (Sleepless)
The title to Michael Rault's second full-length album tells you something about the music you're about to hear...the sweet, languid, psychedelic pop-rock music.  It's A New Day Tonight is an album of contradictions. The vintage vibes and hook-laden songs are perfect for warm summer days, one likely reason why the album remained in the National Top 50 for the entire summer and into early fall.  Yet they are primarily about the nighttime - dreaming, sleeping, darkness. The sound and texture is of 60s and 70s vinyl, yet the production is crisp and clean, masterfully accomplished by the album's co-producer and head engineer of Daptone Records, Wayne Gordon. The record also begins with Rault singing "I don't mind if the sun don't shine...", and ends with a repeated chorus that declares "when the sun shines, it'll be alright".  The optimism of this finale rounds out a beautifully nostalgic album that is a pleasure to listen to - day or night
| -- Alexandra Rimmington

11  Born Ruffians Born Ruffians Can Con
Uncle, Duke & The Chief - (Paper Bag)) Band Website @BornRuffians

Weeks at no.1: Feb 27, 2018 |

12  Great Lake Swimmers Great Lake Swimmers Can Con
The Waves, The Wake - (Nettwerk Music Group)) Band Website @greatlakeswim

Weeks at no.1: Sep 25, 2018 | Sep 18, 2018 | Sep 11, 2018 |

13  Sloan Sloan Can Con
12 - (Murderecords)) Band Website @Sloanmusic

Weeks at no.1: May 22, 2018 |

14  Bernice Bernice Can Con
Puff: In the air without a shape - (Arts & Crafts)) Band Website @saintberenice

Weeks at no.1: Jul 3, 2018 |

15  Yukon Blonde Yukon Blonde Can Con
Critical Hit - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @YukonBlonde

Weeks at no.1: Aug 28, 2018 |

16  Milk & Bone Milk & Bone Can Con
Deception Bay - (Bonsound)) Band Website @milknbone

Weeks at no.1: Feb 20, 2018 | Feb 13, 2018 |

17  Peach Kelli Pop Peach Kelli Pop Can Con
Gentle Leader - (Mint)) Band Website @peach_kelli_pop

Weeks at no.1: Jul 24, 2018 | Jul 17, 2018 | Jul 10, 2018 |

18  Dusted Dusted Can Con
Blackout Summer - (Polyvinyl)) Band Website @totallyDusted

Weeks at no.1: Jun 26, 2018 |

19  Fucked Up Fucked Up Can Con
Dose Your Dreams - (Arts & Crafts)) Band Website @FUCKEDUP

Weeks at no.1: Dec 4, 2018 | Nov 20, 2018 | Nov 13, 2018 | Nov 6, 2018 | Oct 23, 2018 |

20  Freak Heat Waves Freak Heat Waves Can Con
Beyond XXXL - (Telephone Explosion)) Band Website @freakheatwaves

21 Courtney Barnett Courtney Barnett
Tell Me How You Really Feel - (Milk!)) Band Website @courtneymelba

22  Jo Passed Jo Passed Can Con
Their Prime - (Royal Mountain)) Band Website @jopassed

Weeks at no.1: Jun 19, 2018 | Jun 12, 2018 |

23 Rae Spoon Rae Spoon Can Con
bodiesofwater - (Coax)) Band Website @raespoon

Weeks at no.1: Oct 16, 2018 |

24 Jeremy Dutcher Jeremy Dutcher Can Con
Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa - (Self-Released)) Band Website @jdutchermusic

25  Mitski Mitski
Be The Cowboy - (Dead Oceans)) Band Website @mitskileaks

Weeks at no.1: Sep 4, 2018 |

26  Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Can Con
Dirt - (Paper Bag)) Band Website @YTSTLabs

27  Soccer Mommy Soccer Mommy
Clean - (Fat Possum)) Band Website @sopharela

28  Bahamas Bahamas Can Con
Earthtones - (Barchords)) Band Website

29  Weaves Weaves Can Con
Wide Open - (Buzz)) Band Website @Weeaves

Weeks at no.1: Feb 6, 2018 |

30  Preoccupations Preoccupations Can Con
New Material - (Flemish Eye)) Band Website @pre_occupations

31  Metric Metric Can Con
Art of Doubt - (Crystal Math Music)) Band Website @Metric

32  Wax Mannequin Wax Mannequin Can Con
Have a New Name - (Coax)) Band Website @Wax_Mannequin

33  Basement Revolver Basement Revolver Can Con
Heavy Eyes - (Sonic Unyon)) Band Website @BASEREVOLVmusic

34 The Olympic Symphonium The Olympic Symphonium Can Con
Beauty In the Tension - (Forward Music Group)) Band Website @OlympicSymph

35 Rich Aucoin Rich Aucoin Can Con
Hold - (Third Side)) Band Website @richaucoin

36  Alvvays Alvvays Can Con
Antisocialites - (Polyvinyl)) Band Website @alvvaysband

Weeks at no.1: Nov 7, 2017 | Oct 31, 2017 | Oct 24, 2017 | Oct 17, 2017 | Oct 10, 2017 | Oct 3, 2017 | Sep 26, 2017 |

37  Shad Shad Can Con
A Short Story About A War - (Secret City)) Band Website @shadkmusic

Weeks at no.1: Jan 8, 2019 | Dec 18, 2018 | Nov 27, 2018 |

38  Astral Swans Astral Swans Can Con
Strange Prison - (Saved By Vinyl)) Band Website @astralswans

39 Sue Foley Sue Foley Can Con
The Ice Queen - (Stony Plain)) Band Website @SueFoleyMusic

40 Lindi Ortega Lindi Ortega Can Con
Liberty - (Shadowbox)) Band Website @lindiortega

41  Parquet Courts Parquet Courts
Wide Awake! - (Rough Trade)) Band Website

42  Hillsburn Hillsburn Can Con
The Wilder Beyond - (LHM Records))

43  Destroyer Destroyer Can Con
ken - (Merge)) Band Website

Weeks at no.1: Jan 30, 2018 | Jan 23, 2018 | Jan 16, 2018 | Dec 19, 2017 | Dec 12, 2017 | Dec 5, 2017 | Nov 28, 2017 | Nov 21, 2017 | Nov 14, 2017 |

44 The Dirty Nil The Dirty Nil Can Con
Master Volume - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @thedirtynil

45 Ty Segall Ty Segall
Freedom's Goblin - (Drag City)) Band Website @tysegall

46  Mauno Mauno Can Con
Tuning - (Idee Fixe)) Band Website @maunomusicband

47  Low Low
Double Negative - (Sub Pop)) Band Website @lowtheband

48  Calpurnia Calpurnia Can Con
Scout - (Royal Mountain)) Band Website @calpurniaband

49 Donovan Woods Donovan Woods Can Con
Both Ways - (Get Well)) Band Website @DonovanWoods

50  Frog Eyes Frog Eyes Can Con
Violet Psalms - (Paper Bag))

51  Rhye Rhye Can Con
Blood - (Last Gang)) Band Website @Rhyemusic

52  Blood Orange Blood Orange
Negro Swan - (Domino)) Band Website

53 The Pack A.D. The Pack A.D. Can Con
Dollhouse - (Cadence Music Group)) Band Website @therealpackad

Weeks at no.1: Jan 9, 2018 |

54  Anemone Anemone Can Con
Baby Only You And I - (Luminelle)) Band Website @anemonelovesyou

Weeks at no.1: May 29, 2018 |

55  Li� Li� Can Con
Hounds - (Mint)) Band Website

56 The Lytics The Lytics Can Con
Float On - (LHM Records)) Band Website @TheLytics

57  Beach House Beach House
7 - (Sub Pop)) Band Website @BeaccchHoussse

58  Cadence Weapon Cadence Weapon Can Con
Cadence Weapon - (eOne Music (E1))) Band Website @CadenceWeapon

59  Tokyo Police Club Tokyo Police Club Can Con
Tokyo Police Club - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @TokyoPoliceClub

60  Coeur De Pirate Coeur De Pirate Can Con
en cas de temp�te, ce jardin sera ferm� - (Dare To Care)) Band Website @BeatricePirate

Plurality Trip - (Constellation))

62  Major Love Major Love Can Con
Major Love (LP) - (Latent)) Band Website @majorloveband

63 Neko Case Neko Case Can Con
Hell-On - (Anti-)) Band Website @NekoCase

64 Alanis Obomsawin Alanis Obomsawin Can Con
Bush Lady - (Constellation))

65  Dizzy Dizzy Can Con
Baby Teeth - (Royal Mountain))

66  Miesha & The Spanks Miesha & The Spanks Can Con
Girls Girls Girls - (Saved By Vinyl)) Band Website @mieshalouie

67  Baby Cages Baby Cages Can Con
Bitter Melon - (Self-Released)) Band Website @baby_cages

68  Superorganism Superorganism
Superorganism - (Domino)) Band Website @SPRORGNSM

69 Chad VanGaalen Chad VanGaalen Can Con
Light Information - (Flemish Eye)) Band Website @chadvangaalen

70 Gord Downie Gord Downie Can Con
Introduce Yerself - (Arts & Crafts))

71  Bird City Bird City Can Con
Winnowing - (Label Fantastic/Coax)) Band Website

72  Father John Misty Father John Misty
God's Favorite Customer - (Sub Pop)) Band Website @fatherjohnmisty

73 Buffy Sainte-Marie Buffy Sainte-Marie Can Con
Medicine Songs - (True North)) Band Website @BuffySteMarie

74  Iskw� Iskw� Can Con
The Fight Within - (Self-Released)) Band Website @isKwe

75  Frontperson Frontperson Can Con
Frontrunner - (Oscar Street)) Band Website

76  KEN mode KEN mode Can Con
Loved - (New Damage)) Band Website @kenmodenoise

77  Grand Analog Grand Analog Can Con
Survival EP - (Grand Analog Music)) Band Website @GrandAnalog

78 Colin James Colin James Can Con
Miles to Go - (True North)) Band Website @ColinJamesMusic

79 Jane Blanchard Jane Blanchard Can Con
Enemy - (Self-Released)) Band Website

80  Housepanther Housepanther Can Con
Club Soda Lows - (Self-Released))

81  Tampa Tampa Can Con
Belated Love - (Self-Released))

82 Jean-Michel Blais Jean-Michel Blais
Dans ma main - (Arts & Crafts))

83  Kellarissa Kellarissa Can Con
Ocean Electro - (Mint)) Band Website

84  Young Fathers Young Fathers
Cocoa Sugar - (Ninja Tune)) Band Website @Youngfathers

85  Fever Ray Fever Ray
Plunge - (Mute)) Band Website @feverray

86 Pharis & Jason Romero Pharis & Jason Romero Can Con
Sweet Old Religion - (Lula)) Band Website @PharisJason

87  Jock Tears Jock Tears Can Con
Bad Boys - (Inky)) Band Website @jocktears

88  Unknown Mortal Orchestra Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Sex & Food - (Jagjaguwar)) Band Website

89  Peach Kelli Pop Peach Kelli Pop Can Con
Which Witch - (Mint)) Band Website @peach_kelli_pop

90  Boniface Boniface Can Con
Phantom Limbs EP - (Self-Released))

91  St. Vincent St. Vincent
MASSEDUCTION - (Loma Vista)) Band Website @st_vincent

92  Sudan Archives Sudan Archives
Sink EP - (Stones Throw))

93 The 427's The 427's Can Con
Stay Gold - (Stingray))

94 Krista Muir Krista Muir Can Con
The Tides - (Self-Released))

95  Tough Age Tough Age Can Con
Shame - (Mint)) Band Website @toughage

96 Marie Davidson Marie Davidson
Working Class Woman - (Ninja Tune)) Band Website @mariedavidsn

97 Beatrice Deer Beatrice Deer
My All To You - (Self-Released))

98 Laila Biali Laila Biali Can Con
Laila Biali - (Chronograph)) Band Website @lailabiali

99  Casper Skulls Casper Skulls Can Con
Mercy Works - (Buzz))

100 Shaela Miller Shaela Miller Can Con
Bad Ideas - (Self-Released)) Band Website @ShaelaMillerAB

101 Sarah Davachi Sarah Davachi Can Con
Gave in Rest - (Ba Da Bing!)) Band Website @s_davachi

102  Actors Actors Can Con
It Will Come To You - (Artoffact)) Band Website

103  Partner Partner Can Con
In Search Of Lost Time - (You've Changed)) Band Website @partner_band

104  Body Lens Body Lens Can Con
Body Lens - (Terrific Kids))

105  Frankie Cosmos Frankie Cosmos
Vessel - (Sub Pop))

106  Saltwater Hank Saltwater Hank Can Con
Stories from the Northwest - (Self-Released))

107  Julie & The Wrong Guys Julie & The Wrong Guys Can Con
Julie & The Wrong Guys - (Dine Alone)) Band Website

108 Dan Mangan Dan Mangan Can Con
More or Less - (Arts & Crafts)) Band Website @danmanganmusic

109  Look Vibrant Look Vibrant Can Con
The Up Here Place - (Self-Released)) Band Website

110 Jeff Rosenstock Jeff Rosenstock
Post- - (Polyvinyl))

111  Washing Machine Washing Machine Can Con
Walk It Back - (Self-Released))

112 The Good Lovelies The Good Lovelies Can Con
Shapeshifters - (Self-Released)) Band Website @goodlovelies

113  Slocan Ramblers Slocan Ramblers Can Con
Queen City Jubilee - (Self-Released)) Band Website @slocanramblers

114  Cowboy Junkies Cowboy Junkies Can Con
All That Reckoning - (Latent)) Band Website @CJmusic

115 Eric Chenaux Eric Chenaux Can Con
Slowly Paradise - (Constellation)) Band Website

116  Heathers Heathers Can Con
Midnight is a Place - (Self-Released))

117  Cat Power Cat Power
Wanderer - (Domino)) Band Website @CATPOWER

118 Anna Burch Anna Burch
Quit the Curse - (Polyvinyl))

119  Ponctuation Ponctuation Can Con
Mon Herbier Du Monde - (Blow The Fuse)) Band Website

120  Melody's Echo Chamber Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage - (Fat Possum)) Band Website @MdyEchoChamber

121  Jerusalem In My Heart Jerusalem In My Heart Can Con
Daqa'iq Tudaiq - (Constellation)) Band Website

122  For Esme For Esme Can Con
Righteous Woman - (Self-Released))

123  Art d'Ecco Art d'Ecco Can Con
Trespasser - (Paper Bag))

124  Yess Woah Yess Woah Can Con
Believe - (Self-Released))

125 The Hypochondriacs The Hypochondriacs Can Con
In 3/4 - (Self-Released))

126  Single Mothers Single Mothers Can Con
Through A Wall - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @snglmthrsgang

127  Delta Blip Delta Blip Can Con
Delta Blip - (Out Of Sound)) Band Website

128 The Lifers The Lifers Can Con
Honey Suite - (Self-Released)) Band Website @thelifersss

129  Faith Healer Faith Healer Can Con
Try ;-) - (Mint)) Band Website @FayeThealer

Weeks at no.1: Sep 19, 2017 | Sep 12, 2017 | Sep 5, 2017 |

130 Tess Roby Tess Roby Can Con
Beacon - (Italians Do It Better)) Band Website

131  Amen Dunes Amen Dunes
Freedom - (Sacred Bones))

132 Jim Bryson Jim Bryson Can Con
Tired of Waiting - (Coax)) Band Website @jimbryson

133 Ora Cogan Ora Cogan Can Con
Crickets - (Hand Drawn Dracula))

134  L CON L CON Can Con
Insecurities in Being - (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound)) Band Website @lconofficial

135 Danielle Duval Danielle Duval Can Con
Lose It - (People Play)) Band Website

136  Young Galaxy Young Galaxy Can Con
Down Time - (Self-Released)) Band Website @YoungGalaxy

137  Scenic Route To Alaska Scenic Route To Alaska Can Con
Tough Luck - (Self-Released)) Band Website

138  Phono Pony Phono Pony
Monkey Paw - (Self-Released))

139  Palm Palm
Rock Island - (Carpark)) Band Website @palmmlap

140  Hearing Trees Hearing Trees Can Con
Quiet Dreams - (Self-Released))

141 Helena Deland Helena Deland Can Con
Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. III & IV - (Luminelle)) Band Website

142  Liza Anne Liza Anne
Fine But Dying - (Arts & Crafts))

143  Kandle Kandle Can Con
Holy Smoke - (Self-Released)) Band Website @KandleOsborne

144  Big Fancy Big Fancy Can Con
Legendary Loser - (Self-Released))

145  Janowskii Janowskii Can Con
Janowskii - (Self-Released))

146 Helena Deland Helena Deland Can Con
Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. I & II - (Luminelle)) Band Website

147  Blue Hawaii Blue Hawaii Can Con
Tenderness - (Arbutus)) Band Website @trubluhawaii

H.E.R. - (Urbnet)) Band Website @OBUXUM

149  Yuno Yuno
Moodie EP - (Sub Pop))

150  La Luz La Luz
Floating Features - (Hardly Art))

151  Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino - (Domino)) Band Website

152 Fanny Bloom Fanny Bloom Can Con
Liqueur - (Boite))

153  Not Of Not Of Can Con
Hypocritic Oath - (No List)) Band Website @notofband

154  Snake River Snake River Can Con
Tread On To The Unkown You - (Self-Released)) Band Website @snakeriverband

155 Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
Sparkle Hard - (Domino))

156  Let's Eat Grandma Let's Eat Grandma
I'm All Ears - (Transgressive))

157 The Fugitives The Fugitives Can Con
The Promise of Strangers - (Borealis)) Band Website @fugitivesmusic

158  Shame Shame
Songs Of Praise - (Dead Oceans))

159 Mo Kenney Mo Kenney Can Con
The Details - (Pheromone Recordings)) Band Website @Mo_Kenney

160  Black Milk Black Milk
FEVER - (Mass Appeal)) Band Website @black_milk

161 Eamon McGrath Eamon McGrath Can Con
Tantramar - (Self-Released))

162 The Submissives The Submissives Can Con
Pining for a Boy - (Egg Paper Factory)) Band Website

163  Elisapie Elisapie Can Con
The Ballad of the Runaway Girl - (Bonsound))

164 Madeleine Roger Madeleine Roger Can Con
Cottonwood - (Self-Released)) Band Website @maddyrogermusic

165 Kurt Vile Kurt Vile
Bottle It In - (Matador)) Band Website

166  Lonely Parade Lonely Parade Can Con
The Pits - (Buzz)) Band Website

167  Wallgrin Wallgrin Can Con
Bird/Alien - (Heavy Lark))

168 Julia Holter Julia Holter
Aviary - (Domino)) Band Website

169  Everett Bird Everett Bird Can Con
People Person - (Royal Mountain))

170 Kat Danser Kat Danser Can Con
Goin' Gone - (Black Hen)) Band Website @katdanser

171  Essaie Pas Essaie Pas Can Con
New Path - (DFA)) Band Website @essaiepas

172 Kamasi Washington Kamasi Washington
Heaven And Earth - (Young Turks)) Band Website @KamasiW

173 Adrian Underhill Adrian Underhill Can Con
CU Again - (Indica Records)) Band Website

174  Tetrix Tetrix Can Con
Drugs In The Water - (Self-Released))
http:// Band Website

175 Jessica Moss Jessica Moss Can Con
Entanglement - (Constellation))

176 Graham Van Pelt Graham Van Pelt Can Con
Time Travel - (Arbutus)) Band Website @GrahamVanPelt

177 Terra Lightfoot Terra Lightfoot Can Con
New Mistakes - (Sonic Unyon)) Band Website @terralightfoot

178  Haolin Munk Haolin Munk Can Con
Planestasia Suite - (HAVN Records)) Band Website @haolinmunk

179 Belle Plaine Belle Plaine Can Con
Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath - (Self-Released)) Band Website @Belle_Plaine

180 Royal Wood Royal Wood Can Con
Ever After the Farewell - (Outside Music)) Band Website

181  Postdata Postdata Can Con
Let's Be Wilderness - (Paper Bag)) Band Website

182  Honest Heart Collective The Honest Heart Collective The Can Con
Grief Rights - (Self-Released))

183  Idles Idles
Joy As An Act Of Resistance. - (Partisan))

184 Kadhja Bonet Kadhja Bonet
Childqueen - (Fat Possum))

185  Snail Mail Snail Mail
Lush - (Matador))

186 Nick Faye & The Deputies Nick Faye & The Deputies Can Con
Stumbling Distance - (Self-Released))

187  Kacy & Clayton Kacy & Clayton Can Con
The Siren's Song - (New West)) Band Website @kacyandclayton

188 Sufjan Stevens Sufjan Stevens
The Greatest Gift - (Asthmatic Kitty)) Band Website @SufjanStevens

189 Kinnie Starr Kinnie Starr Can Con
Feed the Fire - (Aporia))

190  Brookside Mall Brookside Mall Can Con
Brookside Mall - (Self-Released))

191  Silver Dapple Silver Dapple
Moody Boots - (Pink Haze))

192  Dear Rouge Dear Rouge Can Con
Phases - (Universal))

193  Cloud Nothings Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning - (Carpark)) Band Website @cloud_nothings

194  Gulfer Gulfer Can Con
Dog Bless - (Topshelf))

195  Swearin' Swearin'
Fall Into The Sun - (Merge)) Band Website

196  Shopping Shopping
The Official Body - (FatCat Records)) Band Website

197 Lo�c April Lo�c April Can Con
Lo�c April - (Bonsound))

198  Petit Biscuit Petit Biscuit
Presence - (Frontside Group)) Band Website @PetitBiscuit

199 Charles Bradley Charles Bradley
Black Velvet - (Daptone)) Band Website @charles_bradley

200  Cub Cub Can Con
Brave New Waves Session - (Juno))

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