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Cover Art

Accelera Deck ( )

Ipisissima Vox
Scarcelight ( )
After hearing this album fans of Accelera Deck will definitely add this release to their list of favorites. After hearing it only twice it made my top ten list even though I have heard thousands of good releases this year and it wasn't untill late November that I heard this one. "Ipisissima Vox� is a collection of digital and analogue recordings from the last ten years. Chris Jeely mixes broken bits of guitar with layers of feedback. At times his sounds are incredibly beautiful, but sometimes they are harsh and piercing. It presents all the sounds that Accelera Deck has previously offered, but this time it is more evolved and polished with an intriguingly noise-driven sharpness and strange melodic directness. The album starts off with crazy noise drenched water pipes and pitters mixed with spacey guitar riffs and it doesn’t exclusively stay there. These tracks boldly fade and cross in and out from sounds that can at times be considered lullabies with pianos to quiet robot glitch-love sounds heard in a underground sewer where construction people work and listen with smiles on their faces. The minimalist noise that is heard between the tracks is essential to this album, making the random clips mimic subtle heartbeat blips. This, in my opinion keeps this very experimental album together. Highlights for me are “gloss�, “hail� and “reckoning�.

By anne sulikowski
Dec 28, 2003

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