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!earshot - july 2001 - issue 52

2001 Standard Awards > Small Station Award

CHLS 100.5 FM, represented by NCRA Pacific region board member Magnus Thyvold (center), accepts the 2001 Standard Award for a small c/c station. The award was presented by Tristis Ward (right) and Russell Gragg.


In the "starting a radio station with less than $4000" category: Usually, the Small Station award goes to c/c stations that are either new or are situated in a small community. This year's recipient, CHLS 100.5 FM in Lillooet, BC, is both small in itself and in the community it serves. Lillooet, with a population of 3000, is located in an isolated area between Vancouver and Kamloops. Without its own radio station, the town had no audio vehicle for local music, news and stories - and no way to notify the public in emergencies. Since 1999, a local group built Radio Lillooet with volunteers, contributions, a five-watt transmitter, and only $4000 to spend. In January 2001, Radio Lillooet got the CRTC's first developmental community license for new stations; CHLS came on the air shortly thereafter. Now broadcasting local news and music 14 hours a day, seven days a week, Radio Lillooet is also the first (and only) radio station to offer programming in St'at'imc, the area's native aboriginal language.

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