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!earshot - july 2001 - issue 52

2001 Standard Awards > Programming Excellence Award

"Eritrea: A Victim" producer Nazareth Yemane (third from left) receives the 2001 Standard Award for excellence in c/c programming. Yemane is joined by other CKDU programmers and by Halifax MP Alexa McDonough (center).


The "changing the world" award: This year's award for Programming Excellence goes to CKDU 97.5 FM in Halifax for "Eritrea: A Victim," a special all-day broadcast produced by CKDU volunteer Nazareth Yemane. Originally broadcast in April 2000, the show focused on the current tensions between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Since 1952, the two African nations have been in conflict over a border dispute, with international preference going to Ethiopia. "Right now," Yemane states in his backgrounder, "the world sympathizes with Ethiopia through media and propaganda. Little attention is given to the rights of the Eritrean people." Yemane, a native of Eritrea, went over and above his weekly show to single-handedly produce and host eight and a half solid hours of interviews, discussions, live call-in question periods, and music. He and his guests provided historical and political perspectives on the conflict in Eritrea and its effects on the Eritrean people.

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