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Cover Art

AMFM ( )

The Sky Is The New Ground
Polyvinyl ( @Polyvinyl )
With a few exceptions, EPs are generally a half-assed taste of something to tide fans over. However, The Sky Is The New Ground is as ambitious as they come in the world of EPs, and a treat for AMFM fans. Although AMFM is both Brain Sokel and Michael Parsell, the songs on The Sky Is The New Ground were written by Sokel. It is one of the only concept EPs to date. The opening track "Every Start" is a short instrumental filled with a swirly and clean acoustic guitar that blends into synth noise, before completely flowing into the second song. "Gone In Three" is an instant ear-tingler that shows off the duo's lush harmonies and melodic capability. The EP's centerpiece, "Mrs. Astronaut", builds and drops, builds and drops, until finally heading into an acoustic apology from a husband to his wife, "Dear wife, I'm sorry to be/Not the man you expected of me." The closer, "All To Remember", ends with a faint percussive beat, moody washes of synthesizer, and a hint of harmonica. What is the concept you say? The lyrics suggest outer space and loss. The music implies floating away from the ground to somewhere above, and feeling happy and safe about it.

By Bryndis Ogmundson
May 11, 2003

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