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Cover Art

Eekwol ( )

Innersoul Flow ( )
Saskatoon-based member of the Muskoday First Nation, lyricist extrordinaire and rapper Eekwol is hard hitting and heartfelt on her newest release, Niso.
Niso, meaning “two” in the Cree language, is a dedication to her new son Keesik. On the album, the award winning artist blends English with Cree, traditional Indigeneous music with jazzier tones, spoken word and soulful hip hop.
A sophisticated follow up to her earlier work, Eekwol works again with her brother, producer and business partner, Mils as well as branching out to work with different sounds and beat-makers than before.
Niso delivers straight forward honest lyrics about complex issues. Eekwol continues to bring an important and under-heard brand of feminism to her work, as well as a passionate stance on Indiginous culture and struggle. A strong and powerful contribution to the Canadian Hip Hop landscape.

By Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
Feb 14, 2010

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