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Cover Art

Stereolab ( )

Margerine Eclipse
Elektra ( )
Stereolab is a band that needs no introduction. Their music started in the early 90s and kept on getting better and better and even stronger as the years went by. Margarine Eclipse, their latest full length has to be one of the best releases I have heard all year. Not only because I am a huge Stereolab fan but because this album (as all other Stereolab releases) is not only fantastic but it is also perfect. This is Stereolab’s first full length since the loss of Vocalist Mary Hansen in December 2002. Laetitia Sadier’s vocals on this album are like a tribute to Mary and in “Feel And Triple� you hear her singing backing vocals saying “Good bye Mary�. I am glad that Stereolab decided to go on as normal after their loss as that is the best way to pay tribute to their friend and band member of many years. There is nothing not to like about this release. Great vibes, catchy chord changes, heavy bass lines, Moog Synths, Farfisa organs and the sweetest French whispering lyrics that has this huge overall mood of love. Lingering high-school crushes and long awaited summer time freedom is what I think about when I hear this album. This is the most suitable release to listen to while driving on a long road trip on the sunniest day in the country. Or to play while you are trying to get that first kiss. Try it on a date with wine and seduction. Even Spin Magazine says that Stereolab is “one of pop’s 50 most influencial Bands�. I agree. Highlights for me is this album is it played in full but if I had to choose it would be “sudden stars� and “Cosmic Country�.

By anne sulikowski
Jun 17, 2004

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