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The Best, The Worst and the Rest

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Jon Bruhm Jon Bruhm
is the host of Border Crossing (Fridays, 4-5pm AST) on CKDU-FM in Halifax . He covers the East Coast scene for The Coast, Chart Magazine/ and NXET.

Best of 2004

The Waking Eyes- Video Sound - Warner

A disc so full of real rock n' roll gems that every song could easily be a hit.

The Sourkeys - The Sourkeys - The Ford Plant

Intense and exciting math-pop. The best band to ever have come out of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Yes, even better than The Constantines.
Velvet Revolver - Contraband - BMG

If Weiland could stay clean, they'd be a hard rock wet dream.

Most Under-Rated Record of the Year

Uncut - Those Who Were Hung Hang Here - Paper Bag

Straight up rock with an obvious techno influence. Completely dynamic and unpredictable.

Most Over-Rated Record of the Year

The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat - Rough Trade

This is what The Muppets making a children's record on PCP would sound like. Frustratingly bad.

Best Local Release � Halifax

The Ditchpigs - Someone To Hate More Than Yourself - Gun To Head Dirty Moncton pop punk with serious balls. Their debut was impressive, but Someone To Hate More Than Yourself super-sizes the power, and the pain. Geek rock on angry pills.

Most Anticipated Release for 2005

Contrived - Dead Air Verbatim - Dependent

This one's been in the bag for a year and a half now. The best math rock band on the East Coast is just waiting to explode, and the Andy Magoffin-produced DAV should percolate them to the top.

Best Personal Campus/Community Radio Moment Or Experience of the Year.

Matt Mays teaching me how to use a turntable, live on the air.

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Part 1- Kevin Doyle at CKMS, Waterloo
Part 2- Jessica Whyte at CKDU, Halifax
Part 3- Tim Jones at CHMA, Sackville
Part 4- Leland Bjerg at CFUR, Prince George
Part 5- Maddee Gee at CFRU, Guelph
Part 6- Chris Reid at CFUR, Prince George
Part 7- Jon Bruhm at CKDU-FM, Halifax
Part 8- Alexis Brett at CFBX, Kamloops
Part 9- Mike D at CHMA, Sackville
Part 10- Alex Callahan at CHMA, Sackville
Part 11- Alanna Stuart at CHUO, Ottawa
Part 12- Alex Cairncross at CHUO, Ottawa
Part 13- Matt Jillard at CHRW, London
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