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Josh Hyslop

Bruno Mazzotta, host of:

Bazooka Bear Sound Cathedral
CFBX, 92.5FM
Wednesdays 8-9pm (Pacific Time)
Kamloops, BC

2011 in Review

We've asked artists and programmers look back at the year in music and give their picks for the Best of 2011

The Pack A.D.
Romi Mayes
Jason Raso
Joshua Hyslop
The Bombox Saints
My Son the Hurricane

Writers & Programmers
Marc "Oxide' LaCasse
Chris Hibbard
Andy Gronberg
Bruno Mazzotta

Wild Twang, Big Bang and the Canada Gang � 2011 Goodbye

Mostly just listening to all the music coming into CFBX and putting the stuff I like on air.

Listen to the Full Playlist on Sound Cloud

Grimes - Darkbloom - (Arbutus): Crystal Ball
She's ruling and doing it well. One of the powerhouse killer females stepping it up these days. So good.

PJ HarveyLet England Shake - (Island): The Glorious Land
PJ's not really my girl. I know she gets major props from all the music elitists of my generation, but I've never really dug her vibe too much. I really like this record though - this track is the highlight.

Indian WarsSelf Titled –(Independent): Just Can't Get Along With You
Just realized this actually came out in 2010. My bad. Anyway, this track was on some throw-together collection of their material that came through our station this year. I'm digging the snotty, sloppy, ramshackle ruckus. Bring it!

Kris EllestadNo Man Is Land - (Self-Released): Hour of the Rat
What's up, Kris Ellestad? I thought he was gonna "out-VanGaalen" all the new Canadian folkies after I heard a live version of his song "The Secret" a few years back. This jam sounds like "Sung Tongs" mixed with some foreign vibes. Can't go wrong with that.

Death Grips - Ex-Military – (Third Worlds): Beware
Ummmm...number one ever. Just getting loud and wild and doing whatever you want when you're angry about mysteries that no one knows. So good! Do it up!

Chad VanGaalen - Diaper IslandChad VanGaalenDiaper Island – (Flemish Eye): Shave My Pussy
See PJ Harvey comments. This track is awesome.

Ben FoldsDavid Lynch Foundation Music – (David Lynch Foundation): Wild Mountain Thyme
I'm not a Ben Folds fan, but this is a beauty. Almost too nice, but I'm really feeling it.

CopernicusCipher and Decipher - (Moonjune): Into the Subatomic
Love this guy! Old haggard death weights! Awesome. Just yell at god. Do it. See comments for Death Grips.

Au PalaisTender Mercy – (Sounds of Sweet Nothing): Tender Mercy
Really dope record from "Parallels" last year. This has nothing to do with that. These kids are more up on what's cool, but this song is such a beautiful 1980's synth bliss-out. Eyes-closed love.

DRC MusicKinshasa One Two - (Warp): Hallo
What the hell, Damon Albarn? I used to hate you, but now you're a god. That "Monkey" album you put out last year was amazing, and this track is absolutely deserving of everything, even though it's not up on the iceberg of hip.

This City Defects - Patterns – (Audio Inscape): Hot Water Carl
I love "Hella", but they're not connected to the true barbaric theatre of impulse anymore. This song is such a head smash at buffalo jump. I can't really talk about it. So dumb and so physical.

Lil Wayne - Carter IVLil Wayne (feat. Cory Gunz)Tha Carter 4 - (CashMoney): 6 Foot 7 Foot
I don't know too much about Lil Wayne. Apparently he's next level genius love-it-or-hate-it rap style, but whatever; dude rolls on this track. Super dumb, big bass end, sub-kicking coolness. I love it. Addicted.

DoTMizz Teviak – (Old Ugly): Little Johnny Tears
Hey folk dudes! Come break my heart! This song makes no sense to me. Even when I try to listen in on the lyrical intention (which I'm kind of opposed to doing) I don't know what the hell's happening in the story. Probably some kid dying or messing up real bad or something. Whatever, all the ingredients for throat lump are well proportioned. Isn't Old Ugly a rap label?

Lab CoastPictures On the Wall - (Independent): Joe Lunchpail
Best song on here? Ok, maybe not, but definitely the vibe I'm into the most. Just crisp air and being young. Livin' in your head where it's all a daydream feeling that'll never work in the real world.
Daedelus (feat. Young Dad) - Bespoke – (Ninja Tune): One and Lonely
Championship mode! I love what's happening here; catchy, beautiful melodies, wandering pieces, and drums that want to be free-jazz, off-time, expressive explorers. Totally number one in the composition mode.

Lykke LiWounded Rhymes - (Atlantic): Silent My Song
I'm loving a girl like this. Such good fat-lipped, hurt-heart boldness. Just put it up front and don't smile. It's like a punch on both ends; throwing and receiving. Really good and strong.   

TonstartssbandhtNow I am Become - (Arbutus): Rodas 1916
Ok, I lied. This is my jam. Forget Lab Coast, these kids are messier, more in-your-face, more annoying. More! More! More! Uggghhhh, can't even talk about it. Stretching out of your skin. Pollution. Everything. So good. Saving me all the time.  

Fruit BatsTripper – (Sub Pop): Wild Honey
Two songs off this record are rulers, but I'm only giving that honour to one band. This is the best ever. It's not Van Morrison at all, but it sort of is. This is like meditation/cleansing, but with the trickster figure spinning the wheel for you instead of god. He's like your bro, but with a side of his face that is connected to some other stuff you can't touch.

DeloroSelf-Titled - (Idee Fixe): Watertower
K, here is the band that get's the double-shot. Last time it was Menace Ruine who got the trophy. This year it is some kind of Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn romanticism mixed with "the twang." This song is awesome and I can't even really tell you why. It isn't exotic, it's not fresh, it's not a throat-lump folk throw-down...I don't know why it's great. It's just working really well for me. 

DeloroSelf-Titled - (Idee Fixe): Years
This one is easier for me to explain. Broken and malnourished, but still mixing in the yearning of being a kid. It's just really well done. Could go on forever doing absolutely nothing and it would be perfect. So simple, and so good. Thanks for making this music.     
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