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Josh Hyslop

Andrew Harwood of
My Son The Hurricane
Toronto, ON

Signed to Vancouver's Copperspine Records, My Son The Hurricane is a modern twist on the old brass band sound. They have had had amazing success at festivals like SCENE, Hillside, and IndieWeek as well as features on MuchMoreMusic and ExploreMusic. The sky is the limit with this 13 piece brass funk hip hop beast!

Read the !earhot interview with MSTH.

Listen to MSTH on

You Can't Do This

2011 in Review

We've asked artists and programmers look back at the year in music and give their picks for the Best of 2011

The Pack A.D.
Romi Mayes
Jason Raso
Joshua Hyslop
The Bombox Saints
My Son the Hurricane

Writers & Programmers
Marc "Oxide' LaCasse
Chris Hibbard
Andy Gronberg
Bruno Mazzotta

The Best of 2011 with My Son the Hurricane

My Top 3 records of the year

PrimusGreen Naugahyde – (ATO Records)

The RootsUndun – (Def Jam)

Tyler The CreatorGoblin – (XL Recordings)

Most under-rated record of the year
Jonny CorndawgDown The Bikini Line – (Nasty Memories Records)

Best local release or a band you think people should know about but don’t.
Two Crown KingTwo Crown King – (Label)

Two Crown King are friends of ours from London, ON. We've played a bunch of shows with them over the last few months, and they've been incredible. They are a funky hip-hop band with a bunch of groove and soul that sets them apart from a lot of other acts. The band is super tight live, and their self-titled album is always spinning in my car.

Two Crown King

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