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Jason Raso

Jason Raso
Winnipeg, Manitoba

It has been said Jason Raso has a jazz head and a funk heart. The two have been introduced in The Red Arrow, released this summer.

Read our interview with Jason,

The Red Arrow
Twitter: @theRealPackAD

2011 in Review

We've asked artists and programmers look back at the year in music and give their picks for the Best of 2011

The Pack A.D.
Romi Mayes
Jason Raso
Joshua Hyslop
The Bombox Saints
My Son the Hurricane

Writers & Programmers
Marc "Oxide' LaCasse
Chris Hibbard
Andy Gronberg
Bruno Mazzotta

The Best of 2011 with Jason Raso

Bassman Jason Raso’s journey from funk into jazz could be chronicled into an intense musical reformation cumulating in his sixth album The Red Arrow. His tastes. like his influences, range widely. Read more about Jason rason in our September interview.

Here is what got Jason groovin' this year...

By Jason Raso

My Top 5 Records of the Year

Weather by Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell NdegeocelloWeather – (Naïve)

Artists like Ndegeocello are very rare. I never know exactly what to expect but she always delivers the goods. Regardless of style, she always sounds like herself.

Deep Blue Organ TrioDeep Blue Organ TrioWonderful!– (Origin)

Hearing Bobby Broom (my favourite guitar player on the scene today) tackle a selection of Stevie Wonder classics is a real treat. Here we have some great musicians delivering some great songs.

Rahael SaadiqRaphael Saadiq – Stone Rollin’(Columbia)

Raphael Saadiq’s old school soul sensibilities always sound hip and fresh. A cameo appearance by Larry Graham is also a nice surprise.

Bela Fleck and the FlecktonesBela Fleck & the FlecktonesRocket Science – (E One)

The original lineup reunites to deliver Rocket Science. In my opinion, it’s their best album since 1992’s UFO TOFU.

Mr. BigWhat If - (Frontiers)

Mr BigOne of my favourite albums of the early 90’s was Lean Into It. The original lineup reunited to record What If. This is a really solid album that brought me back to my rock roots. This was my favourite driving album of the year.

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