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Xylitol - Is that Toxic to Pigs
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Best of 2017: Myles Gregory

Best of 2017 - Myles Gregory

Follow our look back at 2017

The Top 200 of 2017

The definitive list of the best records of 2017 - including electronic, hip hop, international, jazz, loud and folk roots & blues.

Best of 2017

Best Releases of 2017
As chosen by Music Directors and some of our contributers.
When you get paid to listen to music all the time, you have an advantage finding the best and the over-looked.

Best Local Releases
If home is where the heart is, local is where the music starts. Picks from !earshot contributors and programmers from across the country

Full Best of 2017 lists from Programmers and Contributors

Catherine Fisher, CJLY-Nelson, BC
Glen Ingram, CICK-Smithers, BC
Kyle MyTruk, UNFM-Manitoba, BC
Jason Shields, UMFM-Winnipeg, MB
Myles Gregory, CFBX-Kamloops, BC
dj peanut butter, CHCR-Killaloe, ON
Troy Lemberg, CFUC-Victoria, BC
Tyler Wilson, CIVL-Abbotsford, BC

!earshot National Top 200 of 2017

For January to December 2017
TW  Artist - Title - (Label)
1 Alvvays Can Con
Antisocialites - (Polyvinyl)
2 Mac DeMarco Can Con
This Old Dog - (Royal Mountain)
3 Austra Can Con
Future Politics - (Pink Fizz)
4 Timber Timbre Can Con
Sincerely, Future Pollution - (Arts & Crafts)
5 Faith Healer Can Con
Try ;-) - (Mint)
6 Broken Social Scene Can Con
Hug of Thunder - (Arts & Crafts)
7 Homeshake Can Con
Fresh Air - (Royal Mountain)
8 Daniel Romano Can Con
Modern Pressure - (You've Changed)
9 Whitehorse Can Con
Panther In The Dollhouse - (Six Shooter)
10 Do Make Say Think Can Con
Stubborn Persistent Illusions - (Constellation)
View the full !earshot Top 200 of 2017

Specialty Charts #1s
Electronic Austra - Future Politics - (Pink Fizz)
Hip Hop Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 3 - (Run the Jewels, Inc.)
InternationalThe Souljazz Orchestra - Under Burning Skies - (Do Right! Music)
Jazz Ugly Beauties - Strange Attractors - (Self-Released)
Loud Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand - (Reprise)
Folk/Roots/BluesRose Cousins - Natural Conclusion - (Outside Music)

Edited by Magnus Thyvold

Share your choices in the comments...

Jesse Matthewson

Myles Gregory, Broken Glass, CFBX FM Radio, Kamloops, BC

My Top 10 records of the year

Piss TestLP2 – Dirt Cult Records & Taken By Surprise Records
This is a phenomenal release, and definitely a punk album that will stick around. The first time I heard ‘Basement’ it warmed up my heart.

Dad ThighsThe Ghosts That I Fear – Old Press Records & Damn Fine Tapes
Although the entire album works well throughout, ‘The Rain it Raineth’ is my favourite track of 2017.
Twitter: @dadthighs

XylitolIs Toxic To Pigs? – Thrilling Living Records & Total Negativity Records
Just an amazing 6 track EP. A full length will be unstoppable!

Tiempe Libre

Best local release

OutpatientDemo & Cosmic Pessimism – Independent releases

Bootlicker6 Track EP – Slow Death Records

Both of these bands are from Kamloops, and are helping the local scene through solid releases and local shows. The recordings and live performances are very impressive.

Best live show you saw this year

I feel it is important to name two shows from this year, both at very different venues. Rancid put on a great show in Vancouver in August. They also joined Dropkick Murphys at the end of the night for three classic punk covers.

Kamloops punks Watchdog and Moxie played together in May at The Grindhouse Café in their hometown. Out of the local shows, this one sticks with me.

The Virus

Most under-rated record of the year

The VirusSystem Failure – Evacuate Records & Voltage Records
This album is definitely in my Top Five for 2017, and I’m not sure why there isn’t more buzz or inclusion of this release. A solid release with great tracks and important lyrics.

Record I am Most Anticipating for 2018

I have heard SNFU is recording right now, and I would love to hear more from Petrol Girls.


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