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!earshot picks for 2009

Nasty Jag

Samuel Jason Jaggernauth aka NastyJag Sound
Pirates of the Caribbean”- Saturday 4-6pm (PST) on 90.1 FM in Burnaby BC, Canada;

West Indies Culture Shock”- Sunday 9-11pm (PST) on 90.1 FM in Burnaby BC, Canada. 

I LOVE Calypso & Soca Music!

2009 in Review

Another great year in music has come and gone, Time to take a look back, take stock, remember the good, try to get past the over-rated, highlight some over-looked gems. But first we have some playlists the capture the year in music (from a personal viewpoint)...

Best of 2009 Playlists

Lo-fi Countdowns/Pseudo-Scary Animal Names
By Bruno Mazzotta
The Shit that Hit in 2009
By Andrea-Jane Cornell
Grandfathers In The Ground/ Locket Full of Losing/ Inter-provincial Pen Pals
By Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
Vibe Line
By Prymtym

Picks and Pans 2009

Looking back at some of the best, the over-rated, local surprises and more.Here some hosts from across the country weigh in.

Jazz on the Rocks
The Kitchen Sink
Jazz Notes
Pirates of the Carribean
sHIFT Radio
Scott Thomson

My Top records of the year in NO particular order
Destra Garcia Bachannal – (Krazi Muzic Records)
This track is one of my favourites for 2009.  It was released for 2009 Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago and I believe this track is descriptive of Carnival; we are all Bachannal! Special mention must be made of the extremely huge Roadmix done by Razorshop

Machel Montano HDAwrite/Ramajay – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD./ Xtatik LTD.)
This track just makes yuh want to Ramajay! Play yuhself!  Wicked Riddim by Jimmy Nutron and wicked lyrics by Machel Montano HD

Nella DNo Waiting – (None)
Big Tune which is on the riddim from above; This track all djs should have.  Looking forward to more music from Nella D

Shawn Da Ma$tamind NoelDeputy Woman – (Ma$tamind Productions)
A hilarious Soca track; the music video is even more hilarious and adds the icing on the cake.

Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel Whole Lotta Girls – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Country music vibes mixed with Soca! Da Ma$tamind is extending the reaches of Soca music.  Awesome music, awesome track!

Farmer Nappy ft General Grant Looking to Wine – (Homebase Entertainment)
This is my favourite track on the Bubble Up riddim which was produced by Shawn Mitchell and Wayne Greene out of Grenada (Homebase Entertainment)

Benjai Tanty Say – (None)
One of my favourite tracks off the Laduma riddim which was produced by Darryl Braxton

Blaxx Tusty – (None)
Another massive hit for T&T Carnival 2009.  One of my favourites!

Machel Montano HDWon’t Stop – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD./ Xtatik LTD.)
This is an anthem that describes the feeling you get during Carnival; Great track!

Shurwayne WinchesterLonely Road – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Interesting blend of languages!

Edwin YearwoodCarnival on my mind – (None)
Need I say more; it’s exactly what’s on my mind. Massive track out of Barbados!

Fay Ann LyonsMeet Superblue – (None)
Wicked track with an awesome beat.  The roadmix by Scratchmaster is off the hook!

TizzyI Luv Carnival – (None)
I think this track explains who I am and what I represent; Not even for ah millions dollars, I’ll never give up my Soca! Antigua Massive!

PrestanOn de Bumper – (Abx)
Big song on the Abx riddim produced by Alton Bertie

RudyHold On – (Abx)
Another wicked track on the Abx Riddim

StatementAll night Til Mornin’ - (Reddhead Records)
Huge song on the Back it Up riddim produced by Anderson Armstrong out of Barbados!  The roadmix to this track is insane!

Mikey Riddum Seckshun - (Reddhead Records)
What is Carnival without the Riddum Seckshun!

BloodChaos - (Reddhead Records)
The title track says it all!

Jimmy NutronOverboard – (None)
The Boatride Anthem!  But this entire Electric riddim was huge! 

KMCYeast – (Madmen Productions)
One huge Soca tune for the Recession!

KMCI’m not Drunk – (None)
The Drunkman’s Anthem! A huge track!

Red Plastic BagWrong Gal – (None)
One of my favourite tracks from Barbados! True Story! lol.

Jungie Rankin Johnnie Walker – (None)
Off the Grand Stand Riddim, this is an anthem!

BenjaiLast Jam – (None)
Also on the Grand Stand Riddim, this song is for the dj and patrons when the promoters say the dreaded words Last Song!

Tallpree Playing Jab – (Island Traffic Ent)
Big track from Grenada for the Real Jab Jabs on the Gutter Riddim!

Ricardo Drue ft. Patrice Roberts Nah Leaving – (Bass Ink Productions)
Huge Flipping song on a Huge Riddim!

RupeeStanding up against the Law – (Monstapiece Productions)
Who pays to come in a dance to stand up? Rupee lays down the law here!

Patrice Roberts Looking Hot – (Bass Ink Productions)
Nice Groovy Soca track!

Ms Paige Man fi Borrow – (None)
Big tune from Toronto based artiste Ms Paige

Shayane Bailey Pure Sweetness – (None)
Another huge groovy Soca track!

Lil Rick Spread Out – (Bass Ink Productions)
Just Spread Out!!!!

Skinny FabulousDe Beast Legho – (Studio 758)
Massive track out of St. Vincent & The Grenadines!

Edwin YearwoodIn de Middle of the Road – (Monstapiece Productions)
Huge song outta Bim; the Roadmix seals the deal!

Pupa Leendi ft Ma$tamind & LyrikalBad 2 de Bone – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Galong Galong and get on Baddddd!!!

Pupa LeendiSame Strength – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Undiluting the drinks cause we drink it same strength!

Machel Montano HD ft Collie Buddz Fly Away – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD./ Xtatik LTD.)
There’s just something bout this track that’s real catchy!

Uncle SamSignal Di Bumper – (None)
Signal it!

King ShephardWuk up on It – (None)
Huge frigging song outta Barbados!

TC Hot Sun & Rhythm – (None)
Isn’t it all we need? Terrencia Coward makes you feel like you’re really in the Caribbean with this one!

Troots ‘N Ice Captivate – (None)
I don’t know what it is but this song Captivates me!

Mr. Dale Wi Cultuh – (Bass Ink Pros)
It’s part of my culture, w.i. culture, Keep Wukking up!

Nathalee Burke What we do – (De Redboyz Productions)
Massive Tune outta Bim; the Roadmix is awesome!

Red Plastic Bag Something’s Happening – (None)
I have planned this song about a million times; I’ll never get fed up!

Mr. Dale Come Out – (None)
The groovy fete anthem!

Problem ChildMadhouse – (None)
This song creates true pandemonium!

Destra Garcia Fireworks - (Krazi Muzic Records)
A hit for 2010 already!

Farmer Nappy & Kerwin DuboisPavement – (None)
This track was recently released and will be in rotation for the 2010 Carnival Season.  The tourism board mightn’t be happy because most people won’t be playing in any bands, because dey go be chipping on de pavement to this one!

Farmer NappyI Pay for This – (None)
For Carnival 2010 we goh wine how we want, cause I pay for This!

Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano HD Fettin On – (None)
2010 is looking like I’ll be missing from the cold and heading to the Caribbean to experience tunes like this during Carnival

Most under-rated record of the year Ras Iley Don’t let Kaiso Die – (De Red Boyz)
This song is GREAT! It was banned in Barbados probably because as the tune implies, music nowadays lacks substance!  Where are the Lyrics, Body and Composition of tunes today?  They can’t silence this one!

Most over-rated record of the year Lil Jon ft Pitbull & Machel Montano HDFloor on Fire – (None)
Way too over-rated just because it was a Soca track produced by Lil Jon!  It’s like having a skilled carpenter performing heart surgery; he may be a skilled craftsman in his field but does that necessarily mean he could perform outside of his specialization?  The beat doesn’t even sound like Soca.  I prefer local producers who know the music and have a background in it. No offense to anyone; it’s my view.
Best local release
MaffieSoca Rebels – (None)
Creates, writes, produces, mixes and performs original music!

Best personal campus/community radio moment or experience of the year. The countless interactions with artistes and producers in the genre of Soca Music

Record you are most anticipating for 2010 Everything!  So far the music being released currently sounds great!



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